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Welcome to my world where it is certain that enlightenment will take you from the realm of surviving to the wonder of thriving in a world where joy and love can be your daily experience. I do not believe that the human soul can revive completely after suffering from the kind of trauma that childhood abuse inflicts without some kind of deep spirituality and meditation. I absolutely know that no particular religious group holds the key to your healing. How can I say that with certainty? Because I know that the key to your healing lies within your own spiritual being. The path that best suits your recovery will be the path that introduces you to yourself.

If childhood abuse has deprived you of the direction in your life that comes from the innate joy of living and you are looking for the door to your full recovery, then you are in a good place here with us. You are not alone! Did you know that one out of three girls and one out of  five boys on the planet have suffered from sexual assault and abuse. The social implications of those numbers is staggering! If we consider that abuse is a cycle and abusers generally come from abusive situations then we understand why this problem has become an epidemic. It is time to break the cycle. If you are still interested in being a victim, then you don't want to read my book because it will just trigger your internal pain, but if you are looking to move from surviving to thriving then you may find some strength in reading about my personal healing journey. Then, you need to begin sharing your own story.

 “A word written has been felt and a word spoken has been conquered.”
Tara Katchetorian (Kadijah) A blessed soul and friend who passed from this world Dec. 2006

I invite you to explore the pages of this website. You’ll find information about me, my Natural Perfume Business and workshops, my work with young adults, and my debut novel, The Still Before Dawn.

You can read an excerpt from the book, engage in book-related activities and discussions, and find out how to invite me to speak to your group or book club. To learn more about The Still Before Dawn, visit my Blog, where I share reflections and insight.  You can also join our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you feel like sharing some of your world with me, please connect on this special forum.

I hope this to become an environment where others experiencing a similar upbringing can come, feel safe, and begin to heal.

Lots of Love

Suzanne McConnell

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Book Description

Believed to be the story that inspired John Grisham's "A Time to Kill"; This fictionalized autobiography is centered around a true life rape victim's story heard in a Mississippi court room. However, unlike the novel where the girl is wrapped in the loving arms of her family and her honor is defended by her father, the real little girl was handed back to the very perpetrators of the crime committed against her. While the novel, published in 1987 is believed to have exploited her story for it's sensational appeal and went on to become a movie, millions of fans were entertained and dollars made. Meanwhile a child struggled to grow up in an environment of horrendous abuse, isolation and psychological manipulation. This is her story as she remembers it. Written as a fictionalized narrative changing names and some circumstances in order to protect the innocent, this book explores the psychological mechanisms of disassociation and memory repression and delves deeply into the family dynamics when incest, abuse and betrayal replace the love and security that childhood is supposed to offer. This is also the story of a young woman's journey from the devastating effects of a life lived in the shadows of her own partially repressed memories into the light of reality where she learned to accept herself and love the world around her. Survival is what we all did when we made it through the abuse. Living is what we do when we realize that the abuse was never about us and we are not to blame.

Book Reviews & Testimonials

"I found this book to be an answer for many things in my life! Horribly disturbing how much evil I was born into! Thank you for your truth!" 

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The rules of each farm were the same. You are not a fraud. My pillow is wet from tears.

A  Fellow Survivor. 

"A disturbing look at the inside of a cult from a molested child's perspective."'

Vickie Brackage, B.S. Early Childhood Development, OSU.

"Thanks girl!"


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