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Author Suzanne McConnell would be very happy to personalize and sign your copy of The Still Before Dawn. For now the price is the same as you would pay at Amazon but do not count on this offer lasting much longer. As the book gains notoriety and Suzanne gets busier we will have to either increase the price of this offer or discontinue the offer.

Simply click on the "Buy the Book" icon below and you will be taken to the PayPal transaction page where you will select your secure payment method. 

Please be advised all signed copies sold through PayPal are non-refundable.

Make certain to include in the comments section the name you wish Suzanne to address and any short message you might want her to include. Nothing over twelve words please.

You should get your signed personalized copy of The Still Before Dawn within about ten working days or shorter.

Thanks for ordering and please offer any opinions or comments you may have after reading The Still Before Dawn.

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