About the Author

Part Cherokee and Iroquois with large doses of Irish and English tossed in Suzanne McConnell identifies very much with her Native American ancestry.

Suzanne McConnell worked as a registered nurse for almost sixteen years caring for and helping others most of her adult life. She has a hereditary eye condition that has rendered her legally blind and now keeps her from her nursing profession. She manages very well and most people would find it difficult to identify her as someone with a seeing problem until she runs into you.

Her life journey is discussed in The Still Before Dawn but really only scratches the surface. Perhaps one of the best ways to get to really know Suzanne is to join her in a spiritual circle.

Suzanne has a God given talent for writing and a sharp proven legal mind having successfully fought a case against the local police department, local housing authority, and New Mexico county that in some people's opinion had their collective hands in the cookie jar and engaged in slum landlord practices. The details never came out as they all settled.

Writing The Still Before Dawn is not an enterprise, it is once again Suzanne's love of helping others that drove her to complete what was a very difficult book to write.

We hope you benefit and enjoy it as much as others have expressed the benefits and joy that they found reading it. It is not an easy subject to write about or read, but Suzanne has managed to make every page turn quickly and easily. Most people have reported reading the entire book in less than 48 hours.

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